Ready Seafood is committed to the future of the lobster fishery. We believe that a solid understanding of our resource is the key to a sustainable future. This is why we have started a Research Program and hired an on-site marine biologist. Our marine biologist will be participating in lobster research projects to augment our understanding of lobster populations at all different life stages. Additionally, our marine biologist will be monitoring different quality indicators of Ready Seafood lobsters to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality lobster available. Check out the work that our joint Ready Seafood/UMaine intern is working on at: 

Ready Seafood is currently collaborating with scientists at the University of Maine to uncover the secrets of where lobsters spend the first years of their life. Our staff will help set out lobster settlement collectors in the wild to learn spatial and temporal patterns of juvenile lobster distribution and abundance. Annual data from this project will help fishery managers to predict future landings. See the  article and video below for more information.

Lobster Research Video



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