About Us

Ready Seafood is a family-run business founded by two hard working Maine brothers with a passion for lobster fishing. We are committed to offering the finest fresh, frozen, and live lobster—always sustainably harvested and processed. 

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At Ready Seafood, what started as two brothers, a boat and a few traps has grown into one of the world’s largest suppliers of live and value added lobster products.

Founders John and Brendan Ready grew up as working lobstermen on the Maine coast; as a company, we remain committed to sustaining the lobster fishing industry and preserving its resources through industry stewardship and research conducted by our on-staff marine biologist. All of our products begin with live lobster caught by independent harvesters in the cold clean waters of Maine and Canada. Our direct-from-the-boat supply chain, proprietary handling techniques, cutting edge facilities and efficient shipping options mean our customers always receive the very freshest, highest quality lobster. We want every Ready Seafood lobster product to taste like we just pulled it from the water, and cooked it for you in our own kitchen.


It’s a love for working on the water since we first stepped onto our uncle’s boat at seven and eight years old…

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It's the amazing and humbling experience of being out there every day, watching the sun burn off the sea fog, hauling traps to fill your boat, and ending the day feeling tired but so lucky and proud to get to do this work.



It's more than what we catch—it's all the lobsters we throw back to ensure that every harvester who chooses to spend their life on a water can do this for generations to come.


It's a lifelong dedication to doing the right thing to protect and sustain the ocean and its resources.

 Maybe we can’t get you out on the boat with us today or package up the way it feels to be out there on the water.

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But we hope to let you taste a little of our way of life by capturing the utmost in freshness, purity, and sustainability in every lobster we sell.


We feel lucky to have been born into this calling, to have been Born Ready. That’s what makes us proud to have our name on the box.

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